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There is no doubt that Mobile Apps are leading the market in every step of the Internet world. May it be a shopping store or a forum or a Social Networking site, every area of Internet is now on Mobile. If you have a Mobile app for your website, you can engage your visitors much faster and get higher Opt-In, Sales, clicks, views…. what not?. But the question remains on how to get an App for your website? ‘AllAppPress 2.0‘ is your go to solution. Yes, You got a website? Get Signedup to AllAppPress 2.0 and with just a click, you own an ‘APP’. Lets get into details.


What is AllAppPress2.0 all about?

AllAppPress is a software platform that lets you create a ‘Mobile App’ for your website. So, if you own a Responsive Website, you can now create a Mobile App with out the need of any Technical Knowledge or any skill set. This will help you spend least time to create another stream of income generation. Whenever there is an update in your website, your app gets synced up with the latest content.

BEST feature of this, is the ability to send ‘PUSH NOTIFICATIONS’. You can send Push Notifications directly to the App Users. Feel free to look at our review on ‘PushLotus’ one another latest technology to send Push Notifications to your audience. Once you create an App, there are many ways that you can use your app to monetize, reach your customers, etc.,


>>> See AllAppPress In Action <<<


Who all this is intended for ?

AllAppPress2.0 is not just for Internet Marketers, it can help any on online to create an App. If you are,

  • ECommerce Store Owner – You can notify about new products, or discounts, or coupons with help of Push Notifications
  • Podcasters – Can remind their audience about the new broadcasts.
  • Local Business Owners – Push your Latest promotions and offers.
  • Video Marketers – Let your audience know that you have got a latest video and engage them in better way.
  • Amazon/Ebay Affiliates – You can publish you newer products and latest discounts.
  • Review Sites – Publish your latest Reviews.
  • Kindle Authors – Send customers previews of their new/upcoming articles.
  • Affiliates – Publish information about your new offers.


How Easy it is to Create an App?

Damn EASY !!!

Honestly speaking there is nothing much to write about this. If it had to be written,

  1. Log in to AllAppPress
  2. Click on ‘Create New App’ link
  3. Click on ‘Create Push Version’
  4. Fill in the form which includes,
    1. ‘Website URL’ which needs to be converted to the App.
    2. Give a name to your App
    3. Choose an Image for Icon (May be your logo)
    4. Choose a Splash Screen (An Image to dispay while your app is getting loaded)
    5. Click on ‘Build / Generate App’
  5. Wait for 30-60 secs while your app is getting generated.
  6. You can now download this app from ‘My App’ page in AllAppPress
  7. Submit this to Google PlayStore or Apple Store

That’s it. Your app is now ready for downloads.

Watch it in action …



Why bother Dragging & Dropping widgets to create your App, when you can do with a single click?


What are the features?

Push Notifications – Send a message to your app users anytime you like. Unlike email marketing, you won’t have to compete for attention inside an inbox to get your marketing messages seen.

Auto Updates – Update your mobile responsive website and AllAppPress 2.0 automatically updates your app for you. Any changes you make on your site automatically appear inside your app too!

3rd Party Scripts – AllAppPress 2.0 makes adding 3rd party scripts inside your app super fast and easy

Multiple Platforms – With AllAppPress 2.0, you don’t have to settle when you can build apps for either (or both!) platforms to grow your exposure and brand.

Monetize – Can monetize your app using Admob.


What are the plans and What’s the cost?

Just like any other better product in market, To make things available for all the audience, AllAppPress is available in different packages.

AllAppPress Lite – Will let you create 10 Apps. Works on WordPress, Joomla & any HTML sites. Lets you send ‘Push Notifications’. Lets your app auto update.

AllAppPress Premium – Will let you create 50 Apps. Works on WordPress, Joomla & any HTML sites. Lets you send ‘Push Notifications’. Lets your app auto update. Will get you ‘Extensive App Monetization Training’, Will get you ‘Optimzed Apps Creation Training

AllAppPress Diamond Edition – To create 100 Apps. Works on WordPress, Joomla & any HTML sites. Lets you send ‘Push Notifications’. Lets your app auto update. Will get you ‘Extensive App Monetization Training’, Will get you ‘Optimzed Apps Creation Training’. Create Apps for Clients.

With Diamond Edition, you can create apps for your clients and may run your ads on these Apps. This is a Great Way to generate money from your services.

AllAppPress Pro Edition – To create 100 Developer License.

AllAppPress Unlimited Apps Edition – No Restriction on how many Apps you wanna create and monetize. But this may not available for long time. Be fast to act on this.

See if you qualify for SPECIAL DISCOUNTED PRICE


Along with the access you would be getting complete set of Video Tutorials. If you wish to BUY this right away, you may be eligible to get HUGE BONUSES that help you establish and sky rocket your Online Business.


Final Verdict & Why?

If you can spend the amount to get all the features of this product which includes Admob feature, this would be WORTHY Investment. If you just want to give a quick try on how this works, you may stick with the LITE version to get started. However, remember that you would need to spend some more cost to get listed on to App Store, Google Play, etc., the Mobile Market places to get started. Also, make sure that you are on a Mobile Responsive theme before you buy this.


Get My Free App (If you still qualify)


Bonus Stuff:

Be sure to collect your bonuses with purchase of AllAppPress from the authors. You would be eligible to get bonuses based on your purchase. See if you still qualify for these bonuses.



Thanks for reading through our review of AllAppPress 2.0. But make sure to be fast and get this copy to avail your BONUSES before they are out.



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