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Have you ever wondered, how Video Marketing is blooming to increase the sales and reach to your audience? I have come across ‘Explaindio 2.0’ and quite impressed with what it has got and to offer. A Video can definitely explain lot more things in better way and engage your visitors than a juicy article. Explaindio 2.0 has been revised from its previous version and is now capable of combining the powers of ‘VideoMakerFX‘ & ‘EasySketchPro’. Keep reading to know what this tool has to offer.


What is Explaindio 2.0 All About?

Explaindio 2.0 is currently the Best & #1 Animation, Doodle Sketch & Motion Video creation software available in the market. Explaindio can be considered in a way as a combination of VideoMakerFX & EasySketchPro. It has got the best features in both the tools in a single place. It lets you create the best in class animated videos, white board animations, Sales videos, etc., Its available as a PC software instead of an Internet SAAS based softwares. This will let you work independently and easily.



What are the features of Explaindio 2.0?

Being already in the market with its previous version, the authors did a good job in being able to upgrade the newer version with lot more features than its predecessor. Below are some notable features that you could be interested in.

  • Sketch To Video – Sketch the first frame of the video and then make amazing transition to live video.
  • Fully Animated Moving Motion Objects – Make multi-Step, sprite like, moving animation of any objects including video, animation, image and doodle.
  • Sketch to Animation – Sketch the first frame of the animation and then make smooth transition to animation.
  • Filled Line Drawing – Draw beautifully looking text characters with solid line.
  • Green Screen – Create ‘Green Screen’ video and replace any color with animation, live video, doodle sketch or image.
  • Font Import & International Characters – Import any TTF font in any language. Draw or animate text with characters.
  • Dynamic Zoom – Set multiple zoom in & out actions for video, animation, image, doodle sketches. Set independent action time for each part of zoom sequence.
  • Dynamic Rotation – Set multiple rotation actions for video, animation, image & doodle sketch image. Set independent action time for each rotation sequence.


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What do you get with Explaindio 2.0 purchase?

When you signup and get Explaindio 2.0, you will be able to get access to,

  • 200 Pre-Done Animated Slides – All slides are customizable with your content like text, image, videos, colors, and more
  • 800 Doodle Sketch Images – Library includes both black line and color images
  • 6 Animated Characters – Each character comes with a set of animations
  • 300+ Font – Those fonts are to get you started. You can import any font.
  • Background Audio Tracks – Background music audio tracks to get you started.
  • 100 Full HD Background Videos – Animated motions background video to make your videos richer.
  • 300 Stock images – Images you can use as featured or as background.
  • Access to Explaindio Closed Facebook Group – It allows you to join vibrant community of thousands video creators
  • Video Tutorials – Easy to follow tutorials how to use the software more effective way.



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How does Explaindio 2.0 work?

As we are aware, Explaindio 2.0 is really an extension to its predecessor. The later has actually got a ton of options and many more features to make your video more awesome. While it is has many features, it still follows simple steps to create a video,

Choosing Animation – You either can choose to pick an existing Animation and re-use it for your video. Pretty much can do a mix & match of various animation types and create a custom video easily. Else, you can still start everything like a White board animation video by laying out the images on the page. Once done, software will draw them for you.

Add Effects – Once done with step 1 of choosing Animation, you can add effects by adding animated characters, another videos, vector images etc., to overlay  your whiteboard video.

Add Voice & Sounds – Wanna be a narrator of your video, just add your voice over Else, you can upload a background music to be in sync with your video.

See an example


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Final Verdict & Why?

With Youtube being on the main channels and sources of Traffic, videos are most common ways to boost traffic to any website. If you are in the search of a Best Video Maker software and dont wish to pay huge charges for your videos, EXPLAINDIO 2.0 is for you. With the amount of feature this tool has got, we would STRONGLY recommend this to any one.


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